Adding a ReCaptcha to your Laddr Instance

Basic directions on how to add ReCaptcha functionality to your Instance.

  1. Get a ReCaptcha key from
  2. Uncomment the lines in php-config/ReCaptcha.config.php and add your keys where defined
  3. Uncomment the appropriate lines in php-config/Emergence/People/RegistrationRequestHandler.config.php for the ReCaptcha
  4. Uncomment the appropriate lines in templates/register/register.tpl (they are towards the bottom)
  5. Test and ensure that the ReCaptcha is working as expected
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@chris Tried searching for ReCaptcha.config.php file on the CodeForDurham stagging site. Would you mind adding this so that we could integrate ReCaptcha to the registration page?

Thank you in advance!

@jestinjs the ReCaptcha functionality hasn’t been merged into laddr mainstream yet – that’s my bad. It’s on the top of my todo list but I’m underwater for another week or two on a work project. I’ll post an update here as soon as I can

ReCaptcha support was merged into release v2.1.0

I’d rather help everyone migrate to v2 than backport this to v1, so drop me a message here or in #laddr on CfA’s slack if your brigade is still on v1