CLOSED: Shared-hosting instance for OpenSavannah demo

Ignore this :slight_smile: We’re just deploying it ourselves to save everyone time. We pride ourselves in self-suffiency!

  • Brigade Full Name: OpenSavannah
  • Brigade Abbreviation: We don’t do those!
  • Launch hostname for Laddr: (to migrate to root after dev.)
  • Local laddr admins/developers:
    • CARL V. LEWIS -, impact experience – Brigade Director
    • ROB LINGLE – Oak.Works/Brigade Captain
    • CAILA D. BROWN – Ga Bikes / Brigade Design Lead
    • Saja Aures - City of Savannah / Brigade Advisory Board
    • Coco Papy - Abrams for Georgia / Brigade Advisory Board.

:muscle: :computer: :us:

You already have instances in the shared environment that were set up back in Feb 2017:

You already have developer accounts on both, so to get the rest of your team on you can just follow this guide:

I’m going to go ahead and get your two existing instances fully updated