Code for Miami Laddr Hosting Request

  • Brigade Full Name: Code for Miami
  • Brigade Abbreviation: CFM
  • Launch hostname for Laddr:
  • Local laddr admins/developers:

Hey @Gregory!

Miami was actually one of the original laddr users, you have staging and live instances up still:

I’ve fully updated both environments, but these sites are still running laddr v1. The customization applied to the site are pretty minimal so upgrading to laddr v2 would be pretty simple.

Take a look over the data in the live site and let me know if you’d want to start from this or start fresh. I found your existing account on the live site and promoted it to developer. It looks like tons of spam accounts have been registered, we can purge those pretty easily and you can set up reCAPTCHA to keep them out

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@Gregory here are your fresh new v2 instances, please go ahead and register all your developers and then ping me to promote people:

Alternatively, your live environment will also respond on * and *

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Hey @chris,

Okay, thanks registered on both staging and live environments.

@Gregory you’re all set!

See this guide on how to get other developers on now:

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Brigade Partner Full Name: Code for South
Brigade Abbreviation: CFS
Launch hostname for Laddr:
Local laddr admins/developers:

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