Setup developer and staff accounts

To grant other people developer or staff access on your Laddr instance, they should first register their own account through the standard signup process build into the site. If you have separate staging and live sites they will need to register for both separately.

Once they have registered their account, find them on the /people page and open their profile. If you’re logged into your own staff account you will see an “Edit Profile” link. Follow that and then use the “Account Level” dropdown. If you grant the “Developer” account they will be able to access /develop and make changes to the site’s source code.

Hi Chris - I’m logged in to my staff account but not seeing the EDIT PROFILE link. Can you check?

@adammartin I see the “Edit Profile” link on your staging site but not on your live site. Your live site has an override of the people/person.tpl template in place that was forked from before the edit profile link was added. It looks like the only change you made to the person.tpl file was adding a “btn” class to the “edit your profile” button. You can either delete your live site’s customized copy of person.tpl and then use the pull tool (as outlined here: to update the inherited copy from your staging server, or take a look at the newer copy being inherited currently on your staging server (go into your staging server’s /develop and browse under _parent/html-templates) and manually transplant the new edit profile link into your customized person.tpl

Generally when you customize templates in Laddr, you don’t want to have the overrides only living on your live site. You should keep your customizations on your staging server and only pull them to the live site from there. Plus, any customizations you make like this one (adding correct bootstrap classes) that should be merged upstream into laddr – email me a notification about and I’ll review your change and remove your override if i decide to pull your improvement upstream.