Code for Croatia staging version upgrade

Code for Croatia is currently running on Code for Philly Laddr hosting - on parent v2 laddr us. We have staging and production instance.

We would like to do some upgrades and testing on new Laddr releases.

How can I check what is the Laddr version on each instance?
Can I find version/release somewhere in /site-admin/?

p.s. now sure if I posted this in right category. Best suited would be “Support” but I could not find it.

@schlos laddr v3 is now deployed at and ready for some wider rollout.

The primary change in V3 is the migration to Bootstrap V4, so any forked or added HTML templates will need to be redone. It looks like Code for Croatia has a ton of frontend HTML overrides, so instead of upgrading that instance, I’ve created a fresh new V3 staging instance for you:

I’ve cloned’s live database to it, so you should be able to login to /develop with your credentials from there. Porting your overrides over one at a time so you can review/update them along the way would probably be the sanest approach

In this pass, we should try to eliminate you needing to override HTML templates so much. For missing translations, we want to add {_ "..."} wrappers so the string can be localized without overriding the template. For improvements/features we should merge those into laddr v3 if possible. Outside that, breaking out the laddr template to use an include for a spot we want to let people do their whole own thing with and inserting editable content blocks are two more tools in our arsenal to reduce how many templates you need to keep forked.

Let me know if you want this staging site’s DB synced up from live at any point

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