Linking an event feed from

Laddr can make use of a signed URL for your group’s event feed to populate the right side of the homepage with events and enable brigade members to check in during events. The signed URL can be obtained via’s API Console and enables Laddr to pull your events without your personal API key needing to be embedded in the site’s source code.

Obtaining signed events URL

  1. Open
  2. Fill in the group_urlname field with the part of your group’s URL directly following the .com (e.g. Code-for-Philly for
  3. Click the Show Response button following the form
  4. Copy the entire URL output under the heading “Signed URL”. Be sure to select all the way to the end of the URL, you may need to force the box its in to scroll to get the whole thing

Configuring Laddr

  1. Open the inherited default version of Meetup.config.php from _parent/php-config/RemoteSystems
  2. Uncomment the two lines and replace the placeholders with your group URL and the signed URL obtained above